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Welcome to the Moor Pool Heritage Trust (MPHT) website.
The MPHT is a registered charity (number 1148252) born out of the Moor Pool Residents Association in 2011, formed specifically to acquire the community facilities for the benefit of the local and wider community. Following this success, the Trust now strives to protect and preserve Moor Pool for the benefit of future generations, but also to ensure it raises awareness of its importance to the wider public.

The Vision

  • Conserve and protect the key elements of Moor Pool Estate’ s heritage
  • Develop our educational offer for schools and colleges
  • Expand our facilities, activities and services to the wider community


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Dr Grace A Nagle

Chris Venables

Chris Venables


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Quotes about Moor Pool

  • “There was always a lot of community…just lots of hilarity and lots of music and stuff like that…lots going on and everybody just together.” Tina Hackett.
  • “The feeling I grew up with on the estate was that it was very community orientated within itself …organising things, there were social activities and Residents Association.” Mike Frost, born on the estate
  • Mike Frost describing the Clubs on the Estate “They were a big part of the social fabric of the estate …a good chance for people to meet and have a chat in the surroundings and there was as well as sports clubs, there was a strong social element and there still is I think…”
  • "We can, if we will, arrange for healthy, wholesome surroundings for every Birmingham adult, and even more important give every Birmingham child the ‘light and air’ that are so essential to healthy development.” JS Nettlefold 1907
  • "It is fortunately becoming more and more recognized every day that open spaces are as necessary to the health of the town, as streets are to its traffic." JS Nettlefold, 1908